We are currently closed

due to the increasing threat of Covid-19. The Division of Surplus is suspending all bids indefinitely.

We appreciate your patience and we will offer updates as they become available.



About Us

State Surplus is the seller of all surplus supplies, materials and equipment owned by the State of North Carolina. 
Our job is to provide a disposition audit trail and return the maximum value for the State’s surplus personal property. 
Funds from the sale of property are returned to the state’s budget. We have also partnered with several North Carolina 
cities, towns, counties, and the NC Department of State Treasurer Escheats Office to sell their items. 
Property is sold all across our state and at our facility at 6501 Chapel Hill Road in Raleigh, hours and 
directions are posted on the site. Contact us at (919) 814-5600 or ssp.info@doa.nc.gov